I started with John in November 2016. When I met John we sat down and talked and the question he asked was not what weight did I want to be but what dress did I want to get into I was so surprised, that put a huge smile on my face that's when I knew I had found the trainer for me. John has been a great motivator for me and his training philosophy is one of great compassionate education. I would and highly recommend John to anyone who is looking to make a serious change in there life .  Thanks John for everything!!!!


John is fantastic, unlike most trainers, he uses a holistic approach to help clients achieve real transformative results. He's not about pulling a canned workout from a binder. John takes the time to understand each clients goals, develop a comprehensive understanding of their lifestyle, eating habits and activities to create a training plan that works. As an accomplished athlete, it's hard to find someone who has real world experience in the training and wellness field. John has it all. John is the only trainer I've meet that when you say, "wow that's gonna be a tough one" he says, "it was, I ran through it this morning at 5:30, you'll like it haha"


"I started training with John due to high blood pressure.  I don't like taking pills and my Dr. said exercise was the best way to get off that medication.  Within a few months I was able to stop taking my medication.  I was noticing a difference in my body, I was getting stronger than I ever thought I'd be.  I've been training with John for over three years.  I couldn't be happier with the results". 


John is a great trainer.  He takes my health seriously and took the time to understand my lifestyle, needs, and goals.  He is knowledgeable in his field and easy to work with.  I was intimidated by the gym and all the equipment and John made it less stressful.  He is a great motivator and encourager.  I'm so glad I found him.